Vaccination Requirement
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Vaccination Requirement

The health and safety of each pet is our first priority. Gaia, therefore,each pets are required to have vaccination prior to the stay.

Puppies must be at least  weeks ofages and have completed thier first 2 series of vaccinations, including theBordetella and a fecal exam.

Puppies over 18 weeks of ages mút have their full series of vaccinations,including the rabies vaccine.

Vaccination requirement for Dogs




·Fecal exam

Vaccination requirementfor Dogs




Eachguest will receive a pre-entry evaluation prior to the stay. All pets must bein good health condition, must not have had or been exposed to any contagiousor communicable illness. Pets showing signs of vommitting, coughing, gagging,sneezing or diarrhea will not be accepted to stay at Gaia. 
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