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Gaia Hanoi Pet Clinic is fully equipped to handle emergencies that may arise. Much of our equipment and many of our treatment regimens are identical to those found in human hospitals.O ur superb equipment provides fast, lifesaving diagnoses, enabling us to aggressively and effectively treat your pet. In order to anticipate and preempt problems, instead of reacting to them. Gaia has an extensive medial recording and monitoring system for pets, and outstanding professional and support personnel.

Operation Room is designed and equipped almost the same as it is for human. Disinfection procedure is strictly monitored before and after surgery to ensure an infection-free environment. For example, ultra-violet air-disinfection is lighted for 15 minutes before surgery, and all operation equipments are sterilized carefully.

Imaging diagnosis devices: digital x-ray machine, ultrasonic device, digital and optical microscopes

Laboratory test: Gaia provides facilities for most of biological and biochemical tests such as blood, urine, fecal testing for diagnosis

Medical record: Alltreatment and medical history pet are recorded systematically to ensure thesafest treatment for your pet for the next visit at any clinic.
Eco-friendly technology: not only having eco-friendly equipment, clinic waste, aire and water treatment measure are applied to protect the environment.
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