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Su Thanh Long, PhD. – Founder of Gaia. Since childhood, he learnt about animal care and raised love with animal from his farther – a university veterinary professor. The dream of having a pet care center at international standard had come in his mind for many years.

20 years working in university, Dr. Long does not only deliver lectures to veterinary students and working in laboratory, he spend a lot of time working with animal research centers, international organizations/projects, or working on field to deal with animal diseases and help farmers. This helps to bring him a lot of experience for animal care. Dr. Long is reputed as one of the top experts in Vietnam in veterinary society.

Dr.Long spent 7 years in Japan for M.S and Ph.D degrees in veterinary science. During this time, he visited many pet care centers  and learn the way these center deliver services. Technologies equiped and service system at Gaia are very much “influenced” from Japan.

Dr.Long’s vision is to bring Gaia to the top professional pet care center in Hanoi.

Bui Khanh Linh, Ph.D – Gaia General Director. The love story began at university when she sat with Dr. Long in the same class. She came to Yamaguchi University – Japan to take the Ph.D course together with her husband. They shared the dream of having an international petcare center in Hanoi.

Majoring in animal parasitology, Dr. Linh worked the parasitology laboratory of the National Veterinary Institute for more than 10 years.  Her Ph.D research in Japan is on dermatology. She is taking advantage of experience and knowledge to deal with parasite related diseases in pet effectively in Gaia.

Dr.Linh has also been qualified for grooming in an intensive course in Singapore. Together with Japanese specialists, she provides training to Gaia groomers.

Her love with pets inspire every staffs of Gaia. That’s why we treat your pets like friends when we care them.

Doctor Minami Shgeru – Special Advisor. The Name Gaia is taken from Dr. Minami’s Gaia Hospital  in Hokkaido – Japan. Gaia Hokkaido has marked its 15 years anniversary in 2012. It is know to local pet lovers as one ofthe most professional and friendly pet hospital. Technology and servicing culture of Gaia Hokkaido is brought to Hanoi for Gaia.

He has a long experience working in Vietnam in JICA veterinary projects. With love of Vietnam,  hope and also “bet” for the future pet care industry of “the-dog-eating-country” Vietnam, he has made his non-stop efforts to contribute to the pet care development in this country.  The “birth” of Gaia Hanoi Pet Clinic is greatly contributed from Dr. Minami. One of the missions he ask Gaia Hanoi Pet Clinic is to share knowledge and technology to other pet clinics for the development of the industry in Hanoi.

Dr. SterennGenewe-Caubooe - Graduated DVM at Toulouse – France in 2004. She has many years of experience inveterinary practice in international pet clinic in Kuwait, Singapore, France,India, Grenada and Vietnam. Dr. Sterenn is one of the main surgeon at Gaia. 

Dr. Keiko Okuma - Graduated DVM at Rakuno Gakuen University, Japan. She has years of experience in veterinary hospital in Tokyo and used to be an Intern at Tokyo University Veterinary Medical Center (internal medicine) from 2014 to 2016. She is majored in internal medicine and ultrasound at Gaia.
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